Holiday or vacation in Annecy: What to visit during your Stay?

Annecy, nicknamed the Venice of the Alps, is an ideal destination for a memorable vacation. Located in the Haute-Savoie department in France, this charming town offers a harmonious blend of stunning natural landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. Whether you are a nature lover, an inveterate romantic or a history buff, Annecy has something to offer everyone. This article presents the must-see places to visit during your stay in Annecy.

The Gardens of Europe

The gardens of Europe are a true haven of peace in the heart of Annecy. You can consult this page to get an idea of all the tourist wealth of this city. Located on the edge of the lake, these gardens offer a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, creating an enchanting setting. You can stroll along the paths lined with colorful flowers. 
You have the possibility to relax on the green lawns or simply to enjoy the calm and serenity of this place. The gardens of Europe are also home to elegant fountains, statues and artistic sculptures. These add a touch of aesthetics to the whole. It is the ideal place for a romantic walk, a family picnic session, or simply to relax while admiring the beauty of nature.

The Bridge of Lovers

The Bridge of Lovers, also known as the Pont des Amours, is an iconic location in Annecy. It connects the banks of the Canal du Vassé and is considered a symbol of eternal love. According to legend, if you stand on this bridge with your beloved and share a kiss, your love will last forever. 
The Bridge of Lovers also offers breathtaking views of Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains, making it an ideal romantic spot for couples. Whether you’re in love or simply looking for a picturesque location for photography, the Pont des Amoureux will undoubtedly charm you.

Historical Monuments

Annecy is full of historical monuments that testify to its rich past. Among the must-see sites is the Château d’Annecy, former residence of the Counts of Geneva, which now houses the Musée-Château d’Annecy. You can discover exhibitions on the history and culture of the region. The Old Town of Annecy is also an architectural gem with its cobbled streets, colorful houses and picturesque canals. 
Stroll through its narrow streets and discover the Basilica of the Visitation, the Church of Saint-Maurice and other architectural treasures. Finally, don’t miss the Palais de l’Isle, a former medieval palace located in the middle of the Thiou, which now houses a local history museum. These historical monuments will immerse you in the fascinating history of the region and provide you with an enriching cultural experience.

Notre-Dame de Liesse Church

Notre-Dame de Liesse Church is a magnificent building in Annecy that has a rich history since its construction. When you visit, you will be captivated by its beautiful dome and the golden statue of the Virgin Mary that overlooks the church. The architecture of Notre-Dame de Liesse showcases the craftsmanship and artistic excellence of its time. 
One of the highlights of the church is its intricate stained-glass windows, which beautifully depict the history and stories associated with Notre-Dame de Liesse. As you contemplate these stained-glass windows, you will be transported through time and immersed in the narratives that have marked this church. The windows delicately portray biblical scenes, moments from local history, and significant events related to Notre-Dame de Liesse.

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