UK Government’s Taskforce to Heavily Fund Studies on the Effects of Mixing Vaccines

With various quarters in the world dealing with the harsh realities of the Covid-19 outbreak, the United Kingdom’s administration intends to fund a study into the effects of mixing vaccines.

It is most likely that the research is born out of the need to deal with complications if the same vaccines cannot be administered repeatedly. The pertinent government’s taskforce is ready to stake about 7 million pounds as funding for the project. But more than this, over 800 volunteers over the ages of 50 will be required for this study.

UK Government has Already Spent Heavily on Vaccines

Just as many nations in the world, the UK government has spent heavily on the vaccination of citizens in a bid to combat the effects of the pandemic. This is especially in the wake of the new wave of the virus experienced in the nation.

As things are, over 10 million citizens have been reported to have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine. However, the intended study may be born out of the fear that the same vaccine may not be made available for subsequent vaccinations.

Scientists Anticipate Positive Effects of Mixing Vaccines

Once again, history is repeating itself as the study is proving this. This is because it is not the first time mixing vaccines have been engaged in dealing with a virus. The same happened with Ebola, Hepatitis, and several other health complications.

In all of them, the results were remarkable. This is because victims who were administered a combination of vaccines made a better and quicker recovery. The outstanding results were because the mixture of vaccines produced synergistic effects by making up for the weaknesses of each other.

However, scientists are trying to be analytical given the peculiarities of the COVID-19 virus and the need to ensure drug compatibility.