4 tips to fully enjoy a Freemont Street Experience

Las Vegas is one of the best cities in the world for tourists to visit, thanks to the Freemont Street Experience it offers. This pedestrian street is one of the main attractions for foreigners and is covered with a giant dome, making it a unique and festive place. It is home to top-notch casinos and restaurants. Likewise, the Freemont Street Experience is a must-do experience for entertainment enthusiasts and gamers. In this article, you will discover four tips that will allow you to make the most of this unforgettable experience.

Scheduling your visit

Before embarking on the adventure to visit the Freemont Street Experience tourist site, it is necessary for you to plan your visit well. You should plan this program around scheduled shows to best cross Freemont Street. As a visitor who wants to enjoy the place, you should know the opening and closing times in advance.  
Find out, for example, what time the festive events organized around the bars and restaurants of the Front Street Experience begin. Likewise, try to pick a weekday for your visit to avoid the crowds that gather on weekends.

Exploring light exhibitions

Freemont Street Experience is one of the most iconic Zones showcasing the lights of Las Vegas. It is a city that celebrates light shows. These shows are a real attraction that take place on an LED light dome that covers the entire road. Likewise, these renowned Viva Vision shows host free concerts, special events and street performers. 
Lasting about six minutes, they feature images of Las Vegas celebrities and classic rock music. This creates a festive and electric atmosphere. So, for any visitors who want to enjoy these shows, they need to find a good seat in advance, as it can get crowded.

Enjoying the street entertainment

In addition to the light shows, the Freemont Street Experience is a fun destination for anyone looking for Las Vegas entertainment. Apart from the light shows, this walking street is full of many attractions that could satisfy its visitors. The bars and restaurants on this street offer a variety of cuisine for all tastes.  
The shops offer a multitude of souvenirs and clothes to bring back a little something from the city with you. If you’re looking for a more adventurous experience, the zip line above the walking street can get you soaring above the crowds. It can also allow you to have an amazing view of the city lights. You can also watch street performances with talented local artists who perform regularly in the pedestrian street.

Make security arrangements

The Freemont Street Experience is a fairly busy, popular tourist destination. For this, as with all unpleasant traits that tourist destinations present, try to take the necessary safety precautions. It is essential to keep a close eye on your valuables. Avoid wearing jewelry or watches that might attract the attention of thieves.  
As a stranger somewhere, wandering alone late at night is not a wise decision. In case you have to go out at night for something important, always stay in a group to reduce the risk of aggression. Also, for your safety, memorize local emergency numbers and keep them handy in case of an emergency. Plus, Las Vegas is one of the toughest places to drive. If you haven’t rented a car, ask about public transport or taxi services.

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